Hygiene Products

Surfaceskins Hygiene Products

Chemscore Africa is the exclusive distributor of Surfaceskins antibacterial door pushpads in Southern Africa.

The push pads are designed to kill deposited germs in SECONDS, via secretion of an alcohol gel, to achieve self-disinfection, thus protecting every door user, whilst complementing existing gel dispensers & hand cleaning.
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NanoSeptic Hygiene Products

We are the distributor of the Nanoseptic

range of products in Southern Africa.

NanoSeptic skins and mats turn dirty high traffic public touch points into continuously self-cleaning surfaces. Powered by light, NanoSeptic surfaces utilize mineral nano-crystals which create an oxidation reaction stronger than bleach.
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Male Urinal Screens

Urinal screens offer an effective means of odour control in between restroom cleaning.

Our urinal screens also release fragrances so that when the urinal is being used one can smell a pleasant scent rather than urine. Colour and fragrance can be customised on request.
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Crystal Odour Eliminators

Also included in the Crystal range are odour eliminator sprays which come in 5ml and 10ml spray bottles.

With each spray, your car, apartment, house, restroom, toilet, etc. will smell fresher in seconds and any odours will be eliminated. Available in different fragrances such as strawberry, cherry, lavender, apple berry, etc.
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Crystal Hand Sanitisers

Specifically manufactured for distribution by Chemscore Africa, the Crystal range of products includes waterless hand sanitisers which come in the form of sprays or gel.

Available in different fragrances such as aloe vera, coconut, lavender, etc. Bottle size range includes 10ml, 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml.
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