Water Products

Portable Water Filter Kits

The Chemscore portable water filter is for purifying biologically contaminated water.

It is useful for filtering dam, river, spring, borehole and municipality water. The filter removes 99.9% of known bacteria and gives you clean fresh water to drink.
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Portable Water Filter Bottles

Great for people on the go who want to filter smaller volumes of water. The filter removes impurities and contaminants as water passes through the filter.

Water becomes portable, safer to drink and tastes better. Fit for survivors of natural disasters or those in emergency environments. Can also be used by troops, outdoor workers and tourists.
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Plastic Taps

These easy fit, plastic taps are available for water containers. They are easy to fit and remove and are available in white or dark blue colours.

Heat resistant to 100 centigrade; strong push handle and can be designed with a child lock safety, if requested by client. Minimum quantity on each order must be met for production.
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